Monthly Workshops & events

We will be taking some field trips so check calendar for more details.

Workshops will be $20 per person, per workshop, or $30 for both workshops.

Examples of some of our workshops:

Strong Styling
Dancing is an exciting and fun social activity, and ultimately the only thing that matters is that you and your partner are having a blast! Sometimes however, if we've already got those bases covered, it's nice to not look completely silly while we're doing it. This workshop is for those of you who would like to explore ways to look like a more confident, competent dancer on the floor.

Fun with Footwork
Problems with your balance? Trouble with spacing? Movement around the floor? all these things depend on good footwork! When trouble-shooting your dancing, it's often a good idea to start from the ground up. Come learn more about how good footwork can provide a strong foundation for your dancing in any style. We'll be learning about the fundamental mechanics of footwork in several styles of dance. 

Dancing For Dummies 
Specifically designed for your friends (or yourself, I won't tell anybody), who complain of having "two left feet"! Fun, easy, and fast-paced! Free for all new and current students!

Turns and Spins 
Come out and work on your turns and spins. In this workshop we'll be going over fundamental turn techniques, as well as sending you home with some exercises designed to develop balance, footwork, and correct technique to carry into all your dances. 

Leading and Following Fundamentals
Come and work on the skills and techniques to improve communication between leader and follower in all dances! We'll be focusing on frame and connection in a variety of dances to help you become that confident leader or the poised follower you want to be!

Cuban Motion 
This is your chance to work on the body mechanics and motion that define Latin dances. Move your hips and discover how that movement not only looks great as you dance but can also enhance your ability to effectively communicate with your partner as you lead or follow in these fun and sexy Latin dances!

Rise and Fall
Learn how to make your Smooth/Standard dances flow across the floor smoothly and develop the especially distinctive look that comes with great rise and fall technique. W will be exploring this technique mostly in waltz, with some discussion on how those principles apply in foxtrot and other smooth/standard dances. 

Come and learn some tips and tricks for making your way around a crowded dance floor! This workshop will cover some basic rules for peacefully coexisting with other dancers in a variety of situations.