This page contains pricing information for everything we offer as part of our regular program. For Pricing on special workshops, events, wedding packages, and other items please see the appropriate pages.

Group Classes​

For a full listing of class times and locations check the class schedule page. 

Drop in rate for all classes: $5 per person per class

private lessons

All private lessons are scheduled by appointment only. Private lessons will normally be held at the Bliss Urban Arts Center in Vacaville located at 3777 vaca valley parkway in Vacaville, CA unless another location is specifically requested and agreed upon. Small and large group classes can be scheduled as desired for events or special needs. Pricing is as follows:

Private Lesson or Small group (5 or fewer) -  $75 flat tuition
Large Group Lesson (6 or more)  -  $15 per person

All Lessons are priced for an hour of instruction.  Students will be charged for any lesson cancelled with less than 24 hours notice. Special Package deals are available for Wedding Couples and other special event planning (see our wedding and special event page)

youth classes

We are pleased to offer age group youth classes in a 6-week series format. These classes are held on specific dates, and no refund will be given for classes that are missed. Pre-registration is recommended.

6-week pre-registration, single student - $50
6-week pre-registration, 2 or more siblings  -  $30 per student
Drop in rate - $15 per student, per class